Picosun expands its production capacit

    ESPOO, Finland, 17th February, 2015 – Picosun Oy, the leading manufacturer of high quality Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) equipment, doubles its production capacity to enable faster delivery of cluster systems and automated batch ALD tools to its customers.

    The demand for PICOPLATFORM™ vacuum cluster tools and PICOSUN™ P-series automated batch ALD systems is rapidly increasing in several branches of high volume manufacturing industries. Many of the world’s largest foundries and electronics, LED, and MEMS manufacturers rely on Picosun’s ALD technology to enable their most advanced new products. Fast and smooth ramp-up of the ALD production is an integral part of the first class customer support service, which constantly manifests itself in continuous repeat sales of PICOSUN™ ALD systems and happy customers around the world.

    “Our unmatched knowledge in ALD system design ensures that our products meet even the strictest quality requirements of today’s semiconductor industries with world-class process purity and yield with various automated, SEMI compliant wafer handling options. With the expanded production capacity, we can also deliver the shortest time to market for our industrial customers, seeking to take advantage of the full benefits of ALD,” states Mr. Timo Malinen, Chief Operations Officer of Picosun.

    Picosun provides the most advanced ALD thin film technology and enables the industrial leap into the future by novel, cutting-edge coating solutions, with four decades of continuous expertise in the field. Today, PICOSUN™ ALD systems are in daily production use in numerous major industries around the world. Picosun is based in Finland, with subsidiaries in USA, China, Taiwan, and Singapore, and a world-wide sales and support network.

    Additional information:

    Picosun Oy, Mr. Timo Malinen, COO
    Tietotie 3, FI-02150 Espoo, Finland
    Tel. +358 50 321 1955
    e-mail: info@picosun.com