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    Picosun part of extensive quantum technology development project
    ESPOO, Finland, 18th of January 2022 – Picosun takes part as an industrial partner in QuTI, a recently launched extensive research project aiming to develop new components, manufacturing and testing solutions that are ...


    Picosun to introduce novel coating solution for organic electronics
    ESPOO, Finland, 14th of December 2021 – There has been a need for enhanced coating methods in organic electronic manufacturing as foldable phones and other future product iterations need materials that are lighter, more ...


    Medical technology companies to benefit from Picosun biocompatible materials
    ESPOO, Finland, 23 of November 2021 – Picosun Group has launched a Medical Materials Library consisting of over ten materials intended for medical-related coating and encapsulation with Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD). ...


    Excellent batch process results with Picosun new generation tools
    ESPOO, Finland, 14th of October 2021 – PICOSUN® Morpher has continued to demonstrate excellent batch process results in the latest acceptance runs the company has performed for its customers in the global semiconductor ...


    Picosun invests in future with its Innovation Lab
    ESPOO, Finland, 7th of September 2021 – Picosun Group has taken into use new facilities at its production laboratory in Kirkkonummi, Finland. The Picosun Innovation Lab will be used for the company’s own research and ...


    Picosun strengthens its position in the semiconductor market
    ESPOO, Finland, 31st of August 2021 – Picosun Group strengthens its position in the 300 mm semiconductor market with its new generation ALD tool PICOSUN® Sprinter.


    Tero Virta joins Picosun as Vice President, Products and Technology
    ESPOO, Finland, 4th of August 2021 – Picosun Group has appointed Tero Virta as Vice President, Products and Technology, and a member of Picosun Group’s Leadership Team as of 4th of August 2021.


    Picosun delivers ALD technology to ams OSRAM
    ESPOO, Finland, 28th of July 2021 – Picosun Group delivers cutting-edge Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) technology to ams OSRAM for volume manufacturing of optical semiconductor devices.


    Picosun strengthens its presence in Southeast Asia
    ESPOO, Finland, 24th June 2021 – Picosun Group extends its global sales and service partner network further by signing a partner agreement with Hermes-Epitek Corporation Pte. Ltd. Hermes-Epitek Corporation, ...


    Picosun’s PicoArmour(TM) reduces semiconductor manufacturing costs
    ESPOO, Finland, 2nd of June 2021 – Picosun Group has pending patent rights for an ALD enabled corrosion protection solution against plasma etch that will bring benefits in semiconductor fabrication processes in terms of ...


    PICOSUN® Sprinter demonstrates record-breaking batch film quality
    ESPOO, Finland, 19th of May 2021 – Picosun Group has further optimized its PICOSUN® Sprinter ALD system processes successfully for semiconductor, display and IoT component manufacturing lines.


    Kenneth Hörhammer joins Picosun as Vice President, Sales
    ESPOO, Finland, 29th of April 2021 – Picosun Group has appointed Kenneth Hörhammer as Vice President, Sales, and a member of Picosun Group’s Leadership Team as of May 1, 2021.